Olympics 2021 Live Stream in China

Olympics 2021 Live Stream Telecast Broadcasting Details in China

Olympics 2021 Live Stream in China
Olympics 2021 Live Stream in China

The International sports event is on the verge to begin on July 23rd, where athletes from all across the globe will represent their countries in the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympic Games. Each and every country follows the Olympic Games, where this time it will be more interesting to watch out athletes competing in the new sports discipline Karate, surfing, sports climbing, skateboarding, baseball, and softball.

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It is an altogether different experience to relish the Olympic moments on big television sets and thus here in this article we have come up with details about Olympics 2020 Live Stream and Telecast Broadcasting in China.

China at Summer Olympics

Communist China for the first time sent a team of athletes to the Summer Olympics in 1952. Between 1932 and 1948, as a part of the team, athletes from Mainland China competed for the Olympic Games. It was in 2008, China hosted the Olympics games for the first time in the capital city of Beijing.

Out of the participating countries in the Olympic Games, China is ranked 7th with a total of 608 medals (Gold: 237, Silver: 195 and Bronze: 176).

Olympics 2021 Live Stream, Telecast Broadcasting Details in China

China Central Television, also known as CCTV is the only television channel that will live stream and telecast the Olympic matches for the Chinese people. The live and highlights of the Olympic Games will be available on CCTV official channels.

CCTV has a huge subscriber base with 1.2 billion viewers across Mainland China, where Tokyo 2020 Olympic matches will be available on CCTV 5 in HD and SD quality.

How To Watch 2021 Olympics Live Stream in Paraguay Online

If you don’t have a cable TV connection, there is no need to worry as there are alternatives available to watch the 2021 Olympics Live stream in Paraguay through online streaming platforms. Now with the advent of technology, it has become possible to easily access live videos on the go on mobile and other devices. So it is here where Fubo TV, Sling TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sony LIV, and VPN services are going to come in handy.

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Fubo TV

One of the sports-focused web tv services and Olympic streaming services is Fubo TV. Fubo TV is one of the best online platforms in the US, where viewers enjoy sports, news and other entertaining shows. Now subscribers can also enjoy the high-quality live streaming of the 2021 Olympics live event on their mobile and desktop computer through easy access to Fubo TV.

Sling TV

Apart from Fubo TV, another option available for the people of the United States is Sling TV. With a monthly subscription of $25 to $40, you can relish the live matches of the 2021 Olympic Games. It is the best online platform for those who wish to stream live sports events on their digital devices. Also, the company is currently offering a free subscription for one week as a trial service.


Hulu TV gives easy access to watch live TV and on-demand TV from the top 50+ channels including news, entertainment, sports and more. You can avail of the service on your Android, Apple devices, Google Chromecast and Xbox One. It is one of the best service providers that offer viewers a highly personalized and customized gaming experience.

Hulu streaming service has Olympics coverage on all 5 networks (NBC Sports Network, NBC, Olympic Channel, CNBC, and the USA). New subscribers will get a 7-day free trial offer.

Amazon Prime Video

One of the popular online streaming channels is the Amazon Prime Video, which provides easy access to premium TV shows, movies and also sports channels. With a monthly subscription fee, you can access the Olympics 2021 extravaganza through the Amazon Prime Video on your mobile as well as a laptop device.

Sony LIV

Sony LIV is an online streaming service that bundles live sports and entertainment channels, featuring series, live matches and other entertaining programs for free. This time, the Tokyo 2021 Olympics event will be live-streamed exclusively on the Sony LIV online platform. This is perfect for the Indian audience and a legal way to enjoy Olympics from your couch.

Express VPN

Express VPN is the most trusted VPN service with a huge customer base. It is the only VPN service that offers customers to choose a location from the list of 160 available VPN locations. It has servers based in the USA, UK, and France, known to provide seamless streaming service. Express VPN comes with a monthly subscription charge of $13.

Nord VPN

Another option to enjoy the Tokyo Olympics 2021 is to pick a trustworthy VPN and pretend to be someone from another country. With the right IP address, which is where the Nord VPN comes in, you can tune into the online coverage of the Summer Olympics.

As compared to other VPN services, Nord VPN offers a cheaper service and also comes with added security features.

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So with the above enhancing features which we have described Express VPN, we would recommend to go with the Express VPN and enjoy the live streaming of the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics on all online platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android.

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